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We can perform any part of the design process for you whether you would like an existing component drawn up on CAD or require components designed, drawn and manufactured; CAD drawings can be invaluable as they aid in communication between colleagues and clients. We use AutoCAD 2008 for our drawing work and can plot upto A3+ (329 x 483) if required. We can construct 2D and 3D Drawings in full colour at competitive prices.


3D Models are very useful to visualise the product, throughout the design process, and also help to show up any errors in design or measurement where parts are to locate together, this also encourages ideas to develop and makes it easier to explain concepts. Surfaces can be turned on and off to show details better as demonstrated above.


We are able to come to you to measure up for modifications, replacement parts or suggestions of improvements. We can deliver drawings as paper hard copies or electronically if this is more suitable to your needs. We file both hard and electronic copies of all drawings to ensure they're safety, in case you require further copies.